Business Resilience Training and Emergency Response

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Most people expect those confronted with a major emergency will react in a somewhat predictable way. Well, the objective of this article is to establish what would the average person expect to happen and what actually happens during real emergency situations.


Emergencies happen every day and it’s important that the community and emergency managers are prepared to protect one’s self and the community in general. We will look at the responses of individual survivors and what actually happened when they were confronted with a major emergency.

Furthermore, we cover the importance of training and what impact it may have on communities. Also, learning from the experience of a little girl who saved 100’s of people from a Tsunami

What Will I Learn?

  • By taking this short course you will be exposed to some of the basic theories emergency managers are considering when designing systems and processes for communities during times of disaster. You will learn from the experiences of others and increase your own methods of critical thinking

Topics for this course

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Business Resilience Training & Emergency Management Course?

Our Business resilience training and emergency management course
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Material Includes

  • Experiences from the survivors
  • What actually happens when we are confronted with a major emergency
  • Emergency managers can make a difference
  • Police, Ambulance and Fire Brigade
  • Business resilience training from a little girls perspective
  • Life safety during emergencies

Target Audience

  • Emergency Managers
  • All Community Members
  • Emergency Workers